Transmission of Shares - Longview Tea Company Limited
The procedure explained herein is applicable in case the deceased share holder(s) has made no nomination.

If the shares are held in joint names, the surviving shareholder has to submit either the original or an attested copy of the death certificate of the deceased holder(s) alongwith all original certificates in respect of the shares, to enable the Company/RTA to make necessary endorsement on the share certificates.

Please send the unencashed dividend warrant(s) so that fresh warrant(s) may be issued in lieu thereof. In case the shares are held in the sole name of the deceased holder, the legal heir/successors are required to send the certified copy of the succession certificate obtained from a competent court of law or the probate of the will executed by the deceased holder or the letter of administration, as applicable, alongwith an attested copy of the death certificate of the deceased holder and all original share certificates.

Please note that, if the shares are held in demat form, you are advised to contact your Depository Participant for transmission of shares held by the deceased registered holder(s).
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